Quitting With Integrity Blog | March 17, 2015

An excellent blog was recently posted by Richard Branson, Virgin Group founder, about not burning your bridges when you quit a job. He states:

If you want to leave a job you are unsatisfied in for something more worthwhile, then go for it. But carefully consider your method of leaving. It may be sorely tempting to walk out in a blaze of glory, but you could blow the potential for later exciting opportunities with the colleagues you are leaving. Explain your reasoning, share your vision for the future, and make an effort to keep in touch. Who knows what the future will hold?”


This can be said for when leaving is not a choice as well. As HR consultants we have seen many employees’ reactions to hearing the news that a business decision has been made to end their employment with the company. Some, have been thrilled, some emotional, and some reacted angrily. The individuals that took the news as calmly as possible, stayed positive and professional when dealing with their former manager, were inevitably more successful at moving forward with their career transition.

Some great tips from Peter Harris, Chief Editor at Workopolis, “What To Do When You’re Let Go.”           

Exit gracefully: Remember that you may work with your manager or co-workers again in a different company. Don’t do anything reckless or unprofessional out of anger. You want to protect your own professional reputation.

Negotiate: Also, companies want to protect their brands, even in hard times – so they’re going to want to look after the employees they’re laying off as much as they can. See if you can negotiate your severance, including how long your benefits will extend beyond your employment date and if they offer any outplacement services.

Secure a reference: Make sure that you keep in touch with a manager who can speak highly of your work ethic and abilities for future references. Having positive references and connections who will recommend you to others are some of your most valuable career assets.


Remember, you have your reputation to think of, and anyway – these decisions are made for business, not personal reasons. Don’t let it get you down.

“Why Burn Bridges when you can build them”- Richard Branson

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Recently, an employee gave two weeks’ notice at the same time I was leaving for vacation. I contacted HRfx and provided them all the details to start the RPO process. When I returned after two weeks, I had several candidates to interview and I hired a great applicant from the short list that was given to me.
The HRfx team removed the stress off my plate and I could enjoy my vacation.

Nic Marples, Ocean Park Mechanical