Recruitment – The Time Bomb is Ticking! Blog | May 26, 2015

Ah, Summer.

It is that time of year where staff, management, and key decision makers, will be planning their well-deserved vacation. Although, necessary for those employees to rest and relax with family and friends, detrimental for the hiring process. What happens now that the job has been posted for two weeks’ and you already have a short list? Well, the brakes are on and the process ends up taking much longer than it should, which is a ticking time bomb for a recruiter!

We have seen, far too often, that from the time the candidates apply, been phone screened, and short listed for an interview, if more than two weeks’ go by, they have moved on. If the candidate is currently working, that might not be too big of a deal but the ones that are out of work and are offered something within a week of being interviewed, they will typically take that offer. Now for you and your team, back to the drawing board and the process starts all over again. Exhausting, right?

Implement a plan as soon as you know about the job vacancy. Ensure the interviewers involved are not going to be away and will make this a priority. If you want to hire and retain that star candidate, you must keep the process moving in a timely, efficient and professional manner.


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Recently, an employee gave two weeks’ notice at the same time I was leaving for vacation. I contacted HRfx and provided them all the details to start the RPO process. When I returned after two weeks, I had several candidates to interview and I hired a great applicant from the short list that was given to me.
The HRfx team removed the stress off my plate and I could enjoy my vacation.

Nic Marples, Ocean Park Mechanical